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kenkobike 2017 bmx promotion plan

Update:2016-11-25 browse:452

Dear friend ,attention  here please!We have a big activity for 2017 New years. In order to encourage teenagers play  BMX,
our company(Amoy Kenko Composite Material Technolog Co.,Ltd) decide to give a special preferential, we can provide
professional carbon  fiber wheel rim to help them performance better. Teenagers who meet the following conditions can apply
for our special preferential

1. BMX Race players under the age  of 17 years old .
2. If you have a tournament entry permit, you can take part in buy one and
     get one free activity.
3. If you have not take part in the tournament, please provide a training plan 
   and you had implement more than half time, we can give you a 30% discount
4. You should bear the freight, provide your latest games photos and  training photos, your real name and age.